Pool Policies

SIGNS IN AND GUESTS:  BWBC members must accompany their guests at the pool. Please fill out a guest sign in each time you have a guest visit the pool. Guest fees are billed at the end of each month. Guest fees are $3 per person. The exceptions are social events, such as holiday parties, where the guest fees are $10 for kids (under 21) and $20 for adults (21+).

New 10 pack guest fees pilot offering for 201910 pack guest fees may be purchased in advance at a discount for $25. Please fill out a guest sign in each time you have a guest visit the pool. We will apply this towards each signed in guest under your membership during normal pools hours. Can also apply to guests for pavilion rentals. Guests for major social events, such as holiday parties, are excluded since those fees include food and beverage catering costs. 

To purchase a guest fee 10 pack, please visit https://briarcliff-woods-beach-club.square.site/home

SUPERVISION:  Children need adult supervision at all times.  NO child under age 12 is allowed at the pool without an adult.  Parents are responsible for the actions of their own children while lifeguards are responsible for safety of everyone at the pool.

SWIMSTERS/SWIM DIAPERS: ALL kids who are not potty trained must be wearing swim diapers. A $200 fine will be assessed to the member responsible for the pool being closed due to fecal matter. The fine will be used to purchase chemicals to treat the pool. 

CHANGING STATIONS: Diaper changing stations are located in both men's and women's bath houses. No diaper changing is to be done in the open pool area or in the pavilion.

NO GLASS is allowed in the pool enclosure.

SAFETY BREAK:  Lifeguards will announce a safety break at 15 minutes before every hour, per CDC guidelines.  No one under the age of 18 may be in the water during the safety break, unless they are lifeguard staff.  Adults may swim at their own risk.  

CLEANLINESS:  Please clean and pick up after yourself, your children and your guests so that you and all members may enjoy the club.  

MINOR INJURIES: In case of a minor injury that only requires a band-aid, please go to the concession stand.  Lifeguards may not leave the guard stand unless there is an emergency.

LAP LANE: If you would like the lap lane cleared for lap swimming, please notify a guard. Lap lanes are 1st come 1st serve for Member adults, children and approved BWBC swim team coaches. A single lane can accommodate more than one swimmer provided they all go at a comparable and agreeable pace with accepted norms for sharing space. Members are encouraged to use lap lane swim etiquette when sharing a lane. In general, under the notion of swimming conscientiously of others in the hope that your fellow swimmers will do the same for you.

POOL PARTIES:  Members must request and submit a completed pool party form to the Pool Board Member (see contacts page for contact information).  Scheduling is on a first come, first serve basis. For pavilion rentals, please visit http://bwbc.net/pavilion.html.

COMMENTS/CONCERNS:  Please address any comments or concerns to the Pool Manager and/or Pool Representative. 

NANNY POLICY: There is no additional charge for nannies to attend the pool in lieu of the parents. Friends of the children are allowed at the regular guest charge, but the nanny may not bring guests of their own. Nannies do need to be registered. Please login and update your profile with your nanny's name. 

Early Morning Swim Program (Members Only)

Updated 2019

If you are a member over 18, you can swim laps in the morning before the pool opens.  No guests (adult or children not listed in the membership household), or anyone under the age of 18 are allowed to swim, be on the pool deck or be inside the gated pool area during early morning swim. There is no lifeguard on duty, so you must have a buddy (member) and your cell phone with you on the pool deck.  To register, please follow the instructions below:

1) Please download and complete the early morning swim waiver form and return to Alyson Watson electronically - email address abelatti@hotmail.com. Each adult member within a household membership must have a waiver on file.

2) Returning participants in the program will need to resubmit the waiver form annually.  We will do our best to remind members who participated in the previous year to resubmit the waiver to ensure key fobs are updated in time for the opening of the current pool season. Please return electronically to Alyson Watson at abelatti@hotmail.com.

3) Key fobs are updated once a week.  Once we receive your signed waiver, your fob will be scheduled for that week's update. 

4) Don't forget - members must swim with a member swim partner.  No guests (adult or children), or anyone under the age of 18 are allowed to swim or even be inside the pool area during early morning swim. Guests and children are welcome during normal pool hours only where lifeguards are present.

We have a Yahoo Groups account. If you are looking for a swim partner please email:  bwbcearlyswim-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Pool Hours 2019

*June 4th, June 18th & June 24th - the pool will close at 4pm due to home Swim meets. You can use Sagamore Pool those evenings.

May: (open only on days as noted)

Friday 17th - 4pm-9pm

Saturday 18th – 12pm-10pm

Sunday 19th – 12pm-8pm

Friday 24th - 10am-10pm

Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th - 10am-10pm

Monday 27th – 10am-9pm

Tuesday 28th, Wednesday 29th, Thursday 30th - 11:30am-9pm*

Friday 31st - 11:30am-10pm*


* Baby pool and playground open at 10am

June: (open daily as noted)

June 1st thru June 25th

Monday thru Thursday – 11:30am-9pm*

Friday 11:30am-10pm*

Saturday 10am-10pm

Sunday 10am-9pm

* Baby pool and playground open at 10am

June 26th - July: (open daily as noted)

Sunday thru Thursday - 10am-9pm

Friday & Saturday 10am – 10pm

August: (open daily as noted)

August 1st & 2nd – 10am-9pm

Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th - 10am-10pm

Remainder of August

Sunday 10am-8pm

Monday thru Thursday 4pm-8pm

Friday – 4pm-10am

Saturdays 10am-10pm

September: (open only on days as noted)

Sunday 1st, 8th, 15th - 10am-9pm

Monday 2nd – Labor Day 10am-8pm

Friday 6th & 13th – 4pm-9pm

Saturday 7th, 14th - 10am-9pm

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