Swim Lessons Summer 2020

Although the swim team season has been cancelled, the coaches will still be offering lessons in a safe and effective manner. 

For younger kids and those just learning to swim, swim lessons will be taught with parent participation. Parents will be in the water with their child and the coach will provide instruction from outside the pool. This allows the child to still receive meaningful instruction in a safe format.

For those looking to sharpen technique and learn new skills with previous ability to swim, no adult assistance is needed. However, coaches will still provide instruction from outside the water. (Note: children under the age of 18 are not allowed on the pool deck without an adult present)


· Similar to pool time slot reservations, courtreserve will be used to schedule lessons with each coach 

· Lessons will be listed as a separate event from member swim

· Lessons will be offered at fixed times throughout the week. Reach out to a coach individually if times offered do not fit your schedule 

Rates: $30 per half-hour session


Mark:  rotolomark@gmail.com or 404-823-4737

Natalie: natalierotolo01@gmail.com or 404-884-5353

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